Fawn Stuck in Gate in Deer Drama

We live in a strata complex next to a golf course in Nanaimo, BC. The golf course has a chain link fence between us and them but there is a gate that we can go through to the golf course. This is not far from our house in clear view from the patio.

A Doe gave birth to two baby fawns recently and we see them come and go to the wooded area behind the cedar fence leading to the gate. Here is Mom and one of the fawns: (click on any image for larger view)

Last night Mom was on our side of the fence and her fawns in the bush on the other. She went up to the gate and called them. Suddenly one of the fawns squeezed through the gate and joined Mom. Next the second head popped through but, alas, this fawn (perhaps fatter) couldn't get through. In fact it tried and thrashed around but was stuck:

At this point Terry and I are in a bit of panic. I want to go out to the gate but Terry is adamant that Mom, being right there will not be happy about that and likely attack me. Suddenly Mom runs down the fence and goes over to the other side presumably to coax the fawn to back up:

Now the other fawn is confused and is still on our side and runs up and down the fence not noticing the hole that the deer crawl under the chain link. (Mom can jump over).


All of a sudden an elderly man approaches the gate (people often go for walks) and simply walks up the fawn, lifts up the front feet and shoves the baby back through the gate. Drama is over. We have't seen them yet today but we're hopeful that the stuck baby has no serious issues. In case you didn't know, deer are very common in Nanaimo. (For photographers: all shots taken with my Fuji X-E1 and 55-200mm lens.)