New Camera; Fuji X-E1

PLEASE NOTE: There is now an Fuji X-E2 and a new XT-1 so my model (still good) is no longer current. Look at the newer updated cameras if you are interested in a mirrorless camera purchase.

For several years now I have been using the Canon 5D Mark ll and top quality lenses. I've sold it all now except for one small lens. The 5D and Canon L lens are excellent and I enjoyed the quality from this gear very much. However, time marches on and I'm finding the gear too heavy to lug around on my hikes and was looking for something much smaller that still could deliver excellent images. Well I found just the right camera for me in the new Fuji X-E1:

The camera has an excellent APS-C sensor. The lens on the camera is an 18-55mm image stabilzed f2.8. The lens shown next to it is a wide angle 14mm f2.8 and is very sharp and great for landscapes. A longer zoom is coming out soon that I'll purchase and then won't need much more. My other main piece is my new Feisol CT-3342 Rapid tournament tripod. Very sturdy carbon fibre, high enough that you don't have to stoop down, and weighs (not including head) only 2.27 lbs! I've put a strap on it and carry it on my back.

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To conclude here are some pictures taken with the new equipment a few days ago. They are all HDRs processed in Photomatix, tweaked in Lightroom and have some Topaz filter effects applied. The location is Roberts Memorial Park just south of Nanaimo BC Canada. Click on images for larger versions.