Visit to Sedona Arizona

Sedona is a unique spot. One of those places that doesn't look/feel like anywhere else. It is located a couple of hours drive from the Phoenix airport and from there the Grand Canyon is just a few more hours. (click on map for larger version)

The place itself is an amazing mix of art galleries, fantastic red mountains, and a definite new age feel. Crystals, yoga, mediation and many other things are available here. This is a pan shot that captures only a part of the city from a hill near the airport: (click for much better big view)

 Here is a quick view of a bunch of famous spots around Sedona

Cathedral Rock 

Soldiers Pass

We took a jeep trip (many available in Sedona) to view the pass. The story is that General George Crook and his soldiers blazed a trail along an old Indian footpath which connected to a perennial water source, the Seven Sacred Pools, to the lush valley of the Dry Creek Basin. He was a maverick for his time and set up to ambush Indians as they came to get water at the pools. This is a shot of the pools as they look today:

Another view near the pools with Terry and our jeep driver/guide standing next to a big sink hole which continues to get bigger. (click for bigger)

Another two shots from the area:

If you haven't seen Sedona put it on your list. If you are a enthusiast photographer go for sure, and then head up to the Zion National Park if you can. Zion is amazing!