Biggs & Jacks Point Park BC

This park is located on the Nanaimo River estaury directly across from Nanaimo harbour. It is a beautiful park and eagles, seals, sea-lions, herons and numerous other birds can be seen. It is an excellent park to walk at the end of the day and enjoy the sunset.

This article is aimed primarily at photographers, but gives anyone and idea of what the park looks like. The hike is about 2.5 km from the parking lot to Jacks Point with a good trail and few stairs to climb. Not difficult for most. For photographers there is a lot to shoot without going all the way to the point. For directions use google maps but here is an orientation map (click for larger):

The trail is very nice; this view shows trail going back to parking lot with Garry Oak hanging over:

There are stretches along the trail through forested areas with a mix of the Garry Oak and beautiful Arbutus (click larger):

This image was created form merging 2 different layers in Photoshop. One layer contained just masked out Arbutus Trees in original colours, and the other layer was toned down towards black and white. My concept here is to bring out the beauty of the Arbutus Trees within the chaos of the forest without losing the context. You can judge whether this approach works? 

The next 4 shots show the unique rock formations you can find along the trail before Jacks Point. Some locations cannot be accessed at high tide so consult tide tables if you want maximum access. Other islands Like Gabriola nearby also have these almost cave-like geological formations not to mention the spoungy looking rocks. Each shot can be viewed larger with a click:

Along the trail there a several spots with a viewing bench to enjoy. You are looking over the estuary directly to downtown Nanaimo and may see all sorts of wildlife if you have a bit of patience:

At the end of the trail you get to Jacks Point which is very near to where the Dukes Point Ferry Terminal greets/sends ferries to Vancouver. Two photos follow showing a bit of the area: