Forbidden Plateau Strathcona Park BC

Forbidden Plateau is an easily accessible section of Strathcona Park near Courtenay BC and the trail head is right next to Mount Washington Alpine Resort ski hill. In an earlier blog, you will find a quick overview of the Buttle Lake area, another spot easy to drive into.

Because of the elevation, casual hikers not prepared for snow hiking, are limited to mostly June to the end of October. Check conditions before you go. This report shows a half day trip from the parking lot in early October. The gold oval shows roughly the area covered:


This is a small fraction of the area with many opportunities for hikers and over night travellers. Many high elevation spectacular views. A good place to start for more details: Strathcona Provincial Park.

The rest of the story is more of a gallery showing you some interesting alpine photos with a little commentary. Note that you can click on any image to get a larger view:

This was a beautiful little lake along the trail to the big Helen-Mackenzie Lake. There are many old but small trees in alpine regions (bonsai but not trained) and this was one example:

Speaking of old, but small alpine trees, this is a good example with the younger larger trees in the background (click for larger):

Keeping with the old, but beautiful theme, heres another shot:

The image following shows a typical stand of alpine trees, not large but older than they look:

Finally another photo of my favorite little lake along the way:

Hope you enjoyed this photo report. Any questions welcome!