Almost Another Trip to Botanical Bay

I headed out on Monday for a mid day low tide at Botanical Beach to do some further explorations. (First trip described here: /blog/2012/8/26/botanical-beach-bc.html). I got to the parking lot and the weather was perfect. Decided to take the circle route this time and go first to Botany Bay then walk along the trail above the beach area to Botanical Beach. When I got to Botany Bay I walked out on the rocks and shot this vew of Botanical Beach, about a kilometre away (click on for larger view):

I headed down the trail and ran into some amazing twisting trees as are often found on west coast trails. This one looks like trail sign designed for some unknown creature?

The next one I called Pop-up Trail Art:

The last one shows more amazing trees (click for larger view):

After taking this shot the sun suddenly dissapeared and a chill ran through the air. I continued walking for awhile until I hit a clearing looking out over the beach and ocean. I caught fleeting glimpses of rock and ocean through the ever thickening fog being blown quite strongy right at me. I could feel the moisture hitting my face and would certainly get my camera wet if I took it out. I waited for awhile in case this was just passing through but ended up going back up the trail to my car. It was foggy up there as well by then, but after leaving and hitting Port Renfrew it was suddenly sunny again. The BC coastal weather is unpredictable.

I decided to try to find the famous Harris Creek spruce on the way home and was able to find it along the way. It is 4 m (13 ft) in diameter and is one on many large Sitka spruce to be found in the area:

For more info on large trees in the Port Renfrew area see; Port Renfrew: Home of Canada's Biggest Trees