Trip to Grand Canyon and Zion National Park

Terry and I left for the first two weeks in November for this trip. This is a good time to avoid the crowds and still get in before winter. We stayed at a Bright Angel cabin at the Grand Canyon which was basic but fine. At the Zion National Park in Utah we stayed a the park lodge in a cabin which was much better than Bright Angel.

Overall, the Grand Canyon was spectacular and not to be missed on any bucket list. From my photography point of view Zion was more interesting because it has a more varied but still spectacular scenery. You may not see this as I did. Some photos (click for larger):

This is the Virgin River in Zion. Click for larger view. Very long exposure to get glass-like water. Minor tweaking in Photoshop. The next photo is this image with "digital painting" effects. Which one is better?

One of the many great rock faces in Zion. Colours range from almost bright red to white. This site is where the canyon begins to narrow not far from the Zion lodge where we stayed.

On the way we spent some time in Sedona Arizona. Oak Creek, which follows the road up to Flagstaff is full of many beautiful photo opportunities.

This viewpoint of the Grand Canyon is at the eastern end of the developed roads (a very small portion of this large canyon). In the distance you will see the painted desert area which I find very bleak but beautiful at the same time.