Mount Woodside Views

These three images were taken yesterday on Mount Woodside in Harrison Mills about 2 hours east if Vancouver. Some great view points and worth the trip. A truck or 4X4 is best but a regular car can make it up most of the road if you are careful and don't go when there is a lot of snow.

This fabulous view (click on to see larger) can be found at the launch site of the West Coast Soaring Club ( Paragliders launch from the ramp you can see on the bottom left of the photo with the wind vane flying. It looks directly over the Harrison Mills area where Kilby Beach can be found. You see where the Harrison River joins the Fraser River. The furthest mountain on the left is Sumas mountain and the city of Abbotford lies behind it. My next trip here will be early in the morning because the light will be better for the big panorama.

These colours were not brightened in photoshop. This HDR image pretty much looks like what I saw. Amazing BC winter colours.